How will your brand benefit from great design? January 7, 2016

Every day we make conscious and unconscious design decisions; we buy products at the supermarket, book a hairdresser appointment or go out for dinner. And more often than not are these decisions driven by a first visual impact the business, product or advertised service has on us.

Great design of an advertisement or product packaging is the first step into your targets mind and heart and it will help to transport your unique message and sell your product or services. And it all starts with – guess what – a good ol’ logo design. No need to spent a fortune on a website or advertising material if your logo isn’t up to scratch. Not only will it be hard for every designer (trust me we all have been there) to incorporate a poorly designed logo into an otherwise amazing layout but it might as well reflect badly on your brand in terms of professionalism and client trust.

A good custom logo design:

• creates value to your business
• draws attention to your business
• will be in line with your USP
• will create brand awareness
• will help you to stand out from the crowd
• will make you look more professional
• will help your target group to identify with your brand

Nowadays, more and more small to medium sized businesses have recognised how important great design is to grow a successful business. From little things, big things grow, right?

A logo design should never be rushed and always be viewed as an investment in your business. It will pay off, trust me!

Above a little selection of some of our most recent logo designs.



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