DIY Cement Planters, Pots & Co July 18, 2015

This super awesome and easy DIY project will make these cold winter days more colourful and the best thing about it is that it is rather cheap and anybody can do it. Literally. It is a bit messy but fun at the same time and you really feel like you have created something solid. Oh, the possibilities.

All you will need is:

• Pre-mixed concrete (I used ‘Ceramacrete’ which I bought at ‘Bunnings’ for around $7 for a 5kg bag)
• A selection of pots/cups, I pretty much recycled everything I could find from milk cartons to yoghurt cups
• Smaller container for the centre, here I used small paper cups
• Sticky tape or something weighty to hold the centre container in place
• Oil/cooking spray (optional)
• Water
• Dust-protective mask (you don’t want to breathe in the cement dust or spray paint)
• Rubber gloves (the cement is really nasty to your skin)
• Mixing bowl or bucket
• Mixing spoon or stick
• Sanding paper
• Paint
• Masking tape
• Old newspaper
• Plants

Note: I found that ‘softer’ plastic works better to release the dried concrete/cement and you can easily reuse the container for another run of cement pots (trust me, you want to do a second run). Cardboard and harder plastic you will have to cut off or grease up the inside of your outer container, and the outside of your inner container for an easier release.

Here you go:

1: Add 4 parts cement to 1 part water into a large mixing bucket.

2: Mixing everything with your stick (recommended you wear a rubber gloves) until it makes a fluid mixture which is not too runny.

3: You can tap the outside of the bucket to bring any bubbles to the surface.

4: Spray or grease the inside of the mould with oil (optional).

5: Fill the mould with the mixture, again you can tap the outside of your mould to release any bubbles.

6: Push the cup down in the center of the mould, all the way until you touch the bottom, wait a little bit, the cup will rise up again and form the base of the pot from under you cup. Now you should put something heavy in the cup to keep it in place, I used sticky tape which I found worked best for me because it made it easier to adjust the cup.

7: Run your fingers over the top of the cement to smooth it out.

8: Leave you pot for 24-48 hours to dry (depending on the cement you bought).

9: Pull the centre cup out (or rip or cut it out) and then tip over and lightly tap the outer mould to release the pot.

10: Sand the edges to make it smooth (optional).

11: Prepare your pots with masking tape and old newspaper and spray paint or paint with a brush. Leave it for 30min to dry.

12: Decorate your pots and fill with soil and plants, I did put some small rocks on the bottom of the pot before I planted the Cacti.

13: Enjoy, admire and be proud!

I wish you lots of fun creating your own little cement pots.
Ahoy, Carina x



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