How will your brand benefit from great design? January 7, 2016

Every day we make conscious and unconscious design decisions; we buy products at the supermarket, book a hairdresser appointment or go out for dinner. And more often than not are these decisions driven by a first visual impact the business, product or advertised service has on us. Great design of an advertisement or product packaging is the first step into your targets mind and heart and it will help to transport your unique message and sell your product or services….

DIY Cement Planters, Pots & Co July 18, 2015

This super awesome and easy DIY project will make these cold winter days more colourful and the best thing about it is that it is rather cheap and anybody can do it. Literally. It is a bit messy but fun at the same time and you really feel like you have created something solid. Oh, the possibilities. All you will need is: • Pre-mixed concrete (I used ‘Ceramacrete’ which I bought at ‘Bunnings’ for around $7 for a 5kg bag)…


Most people that know me, know that I have a hard time keeping my hands or mind still for a very long time. I always get weirdly excited to try out the next new thing when it comes to be creative with my hands. I LIKE everything. FACT! It doesn’t matter if it is painting on driftwood, sewing monsters, creating felt accessories, crocheting leg warmer (I do have to admit that I didn’t really finished them, I stopped after the…

THE BOOK April 21, 2015

In 2013 we developed and designed a concept for a little free guide, review and map book for the Byron Bay area. Here at Ahoy Design we have created a product that is unique and successful do to it’s concept, design and branding. It can be used a s a guide to discover some of the best local businesses. The specifically by us designed maps, which tie in perfectly with the whole design concept of THE BOOK will help you…


If you’re in the market for some snazzy new home wares, Ahoy Design may have you covered. We have just released our new bohemian inspired ‘Tribe Collection’ featuring lots of beautiful illustrations using cushion covers, pillow cases, tote bags and tea towels as our canvas. If your abode is in need of a few extra add-ons, head over to our online shop and you might just stumble across something wonderful. Go and see for yourself: www.shop-ahoy-design.com

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